Saturday, March 20, 2010

Morrowind: Bloodmoon

Bloodmoon is a Morrowind Expansion Pack that is always snowing. The first thing you will see is the fortress that is the source of the main mission of the Bloodmoon. You can become a werewolf in this expansion, being a wewewolf it is not that easy but there are times that the werewolf missions are easy. You can smell human beings at distances, you can hunt them by using your sneak skill. This skill will be automatically 100 because of the effect of the werewolf.

Becoming a Werewolf
Becoming a werewolf is not easy though there are many missions before you can become a werewolf. You can stay being a human by healing your self by a potion or by the mission that will be given to you when you are infected.

Very Hard Missions
Missions that are very hard are truely hard because of the one and only mission that are very very hard. That mission has seven steps. And each one of them are in different places and those are at different places that are very hard to find.

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