Sunday, April 4, 2010

Facebook Games

Hey facebookers these are the games that i have been playing in faceboook for a long time and also they are my favorite games. Other of these games from the list are being ignored(not played anymore)

My Games on Facebook
Restaurant City - my favorite above all games on facebook, I love it.
Mafia Wars - a text based game though all you can see is text but there are pictures too.
Medical Mayhem - it is quite good for me but not that good.
Ninja Warz - this game is a ninja games and also a hack and slash game.
Save the Cursor - really great although you have to save the mouse before the gorilla gets it.
My Town - a new and really good game on facebook, build your own town and rise them.
Farmville - the most popular application on facebook about farming.
Yoville - the graphics of this game are realistic and really good.

I think that's all but the application i may not be using farmville anymore because it is boring after all at the end(for me).

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