Monday, November 8, 2010

Simcity 4

Simcity 4, developed by Maxis(sim maker) and published by Electronic Arts. It can be played in a Windows and MAC OS X. In this game you are the mayor of the city, you do everything like building buildings, dispatching fire trucks whenever there is a fire, dispatch police when the crime is too high, complete personal missions to unlock special buildings and many more.... You also have to give your residences a job in order for them to live quietly while you manage your city. When there is not enough industrial and commercial buildings houses will be abandoned because of unemployment. Water, power, police, fire fighters, hospital and schools will be required to be built to make your people happy all the time. The main menu of this game is a region, you choose the place you wanted to build your bussiness or continue your previously started bussisness. You also have to maintain your budget to be used to your city, Happy Building!!

Watch the trailer.

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