Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My PSP Bricked?!

What I mean by bricked is like I BROKE MY PSP!!!

All of those psp users knows this.

How did it happen? well just read the following in the bottom.

First I tried this 6.20Dual boot. At first it worked but I saw a Revolution B. I was using Revolution A, First I deleted the files created by the dual boot(not knowing this is the reason on why the PSP broke) and replaced them with the Rev. B.

Then I started the PSP, all that appears is Black Sceen and nothing.

I was so angry for my self, I would hurt myself that night.

The next day right after I woke up, I depart immediately(just near in our neighborhood) and went to my psp buddies, asked if they could help me. They did have an idea on how to fix it.

But I fixed it on my own, how?

I borrowed a PSP from my friend to access the Memory Stick. Then I used Recuva to restore those accidentally deleted files, put them in the dual boot folder then it worked again.

First of all I want to thank God who never leaves me alone and always protects me. But not me alone but the whole World!

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