Monday, June 13, 2011

Patapon 3 Finished!

I have finally finished patapon 3. Why just now? because I am having trouble with the final boss, the first floor that have these blade that swings from left to right and vice versa. In the second floor that is the easy part, but the final boss, is hard(as always). It's name is Pandora, because it is a box that transforms to a human like form and vice versa, and while in the box form it can turn to a 1 hit box, but you are far from the box and had to march forward. It is 1 hit but the beast that is above you are freaking huge, it will charge at you if it is in range. And while idle it will give damage to you by electrifying you with thunder which come out of these 7 archfiends attached to the beast.

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