Friday, August 23, 2013

Ughhh... 1 Year After?

Okay, I'm gonna start with what happened last  year. I was unable to post another well, post here because I forgot about blogging. But I came back, embracing it again and attempting to bring it back to life. Things have been good so far, a year have alot to tell after all, but let's skip all the blah blah blah's... I'm now a college student, studying at Mapua Institute of Technology at Makati, Philippines. Taking Information Technology as my course and hoping to have more experience and to graduate early at my degree. Though I admit things are not going as I expected them to be, my two first quizzes failed, I have to study harder and get better grades, if not, then might as well be an Irregular student which is a "common" thing in Mapua. I enrolled in Mapua because I wanted to graduate early, due to their unique quarterm, having four terms in a year, accelerating the required units to graduate and get a job.

Our teachers are oftem good but more are bad teachers "terror professor" as they call it. One of our teacher is that, bad news for all of us, we were already "victimized" by that teacher, giving me bad indications of things that will come. Good thing two of our professors are "cool prof." the one is our Trigonometry teacher and the other is our Filipino teacher.

Our fist week is a blast! having to cope up with the changes in college and get to meet new friends and get to know them and to get in with the environment of being an college student, it's not easy but things are getting better, as I'm already getting experience in coping up with college life. Most of our homework are conducted and submitted online through a site, online counseling is also an option if you're having problems with the previous lesson or about the assignment.

Well, that's it for now, I have many other things I wanted to say but I'll say them another time. Look at time that I posted this, I need to get to sleep, or not :D cuz I'm a vampire. :)

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