Saturday, November 29, 2014

My "Lost Hobby"

Recently,I've been busy with something that I call a "lost hobby". It became my hobby when I was fourth year. How did it became my hobby? Well, my classmates were doing some doodle and I was amazed of how do they do those things. I myself wanted to do some amazing things. So I got into the hobby of doodling. What I first doodled didn't look what I was expecting. It was a disaster, and my classmates were teasing me that my work is horrible. It really became my past time. Although I need a lot of time and light for the work to be done. I purchased some drawing specific pens that costs me not that much but, hurts your wallet. I drew and I drew then I watched some video on Youtube on how to doodle good and some of that stuff. Then days and weeks passed, I've been noticing my works are looking better then ever. So, I uploaded my works online and some likes there and that. My works are bundled in an album in my profile in Facebook. So, here's a teaser of my latest work:

This is the bottom part of the doodle. Above that is the name itself.

Some of you may say, "that doesn't look good". Well, we have different tastes on how do things work around the world. So your taste didn't match mine.

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