Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

This is the newest ,coolest game on psp.
This games is based on a true story, a lone pilot tries to take back his own city.

This game consist of different features. You can tune up your aircraft (selected aircraft only) like Appalis aircraft. The first aircraft you can tune is Fergata, an attacker with powerful weapons. The XR-45 Cariburn with a nice stability. The YR - 99 Forneous with both air-to-air and air- to- ground ability, and the last aircraft you can tune is X-02 Wyvern with powerful air-to-air and incredible speed but low in stability and mobility.

Buying Aircraft
Is the most important, the most powerful aircraft you can buy is the Fnerir with an powerful SP(Special Weapons)

Buying Parts of an Aircraft(selected aircraft only)
Buying parts is also important that this is to tune up your aircraft. You can tune the engine, wing, armor, weapons and cockpits. You can unlock parts by destroying the enemy with a star beside it.

Buying Special Weapons
The Special Weapon is the most powerful weapons carried by your aircraft, each aircraft has 3 SP Weapons, SP weapons like UGBL(Unguided Bomb), XLAA, FAEB(Fuel Air Explosive Bomb)and more.

This story has 15 missions in 15 different places.

The whole story of this game is the liberation of their capital Griss Wall. From the first the whole gryphus squadron is destroyed except you and Gryphus4. The seasath's Gleipnir is huge and has powerful weapons namely S.W.B.M(Shock Wave Burst Missile) and Shock cannon. At the end of deception Leasath's advanced attack aircraft is called Fenrir. If you can do it, prove it from this game. The skies are in your hands Southern Cross. SKIES OF DECEPTION. One capital, one team, one sky, one hero.

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