Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins

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Dragon Age: Origins has it's own history of the darkspawn(we'll discuss that later). It is an RPG, action packed, adventure and violence. However the violence is for 18+ because when you damage or killed a darkspawn a lot of blood came out and will spray unto you, when you're in a dialogue you can see that you are bloody.

The History of Dragon Age
The elders of the forest called the most powerful creature of all, he called it because he needed something to be done for him. When the creatures arrived they saw that the world is weakly defended so they have been corrupted and try to conquer the world, the creatures imprisoned the elders and build their base on where the elders live. Now the darskpawn(the corrupted ones)are creating their own creatures to conquer the world. Now that the world is being populated by the darkspawn.

You can explore the world as if you were finishing the game, either if you are a human, dwarf or elf. And also you can pick your class either a rogue, fighter or a mage.

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