Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fallen Sword

Fallen Sword is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG(MMORPG). Which you can play for free but before playing you have to sign in. This game is adventurous and a text based game(including pictures). Adventurous because you can explore the world of Fallen Sword in form of picture only.Text Based Game because you may often see text(and pictures)and no videos nor musics.

Home - You can see the latest news and the featured guild of the game.
Character - You can customize the equipped items of you character.
Leveling up - you can upgrade your stats by 2 points per level.
Quest - accept quest and complete quest to gain more xp and gold.
World - you can explore the world of fallen sword.Also you can fight mosters at this section.
PVP - Battle other players around the world of fallen sword,Either stronger or weaker.
Blacksmith - You can repair your equipped items to the blacksmith.
Bank - Deposit your money to reserve and save them.
Guilds - Join guilds which will make you stronger and will help you in fallen sword.
Fighting Monsters - fight over a thousand creatures of fallen sword.
Upgrades - you can improve your character at this section.

You can locate the mechanics at the upper left corner(except fighting mosters) of the starting page(after signing in).
There is one thing in the game that will make you a little bit of depressed , and that one thing is the world. It will make you a little bit of depressed because every move(one space) will load to the internet, which means it will take up time to consume all fo the stamina you have left.

I found Fallen Sword on I found from my friend, fallen sword was advertising there, the advertisment looked like an exciting game(for an advertisment). I tried it and it was exciting after all and now I am one of them now PVP with me, joining guilds, doing quest and more.

You can visit Fallen Sword at

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