Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth(AKA HON)is from the creators of DOTA.It has been created for better gaming experience,it has many advantages comparing to the original DOTA Allstars(Warcraft).But it also have disadvantages .

Hotkeys- the keys to push in the keyboard is only four for any skills.
Reconnect - you can reconnect if you were disconnected form the game.
no denies/lag - no denies or lags during play time.
graphics - the higher details and wonderful design of the land, sea, towers, characters, wells ,trees, neutral creeps, creeps, shops and roshan.

Names - you are not familiar with the names of characters comparing to the original
Removed Heroes - some heroes had been removed.

You can have the full information of all heroes of HON including image and picture. Click here to view it.

If you wanted to download HON first you have to sign in and download.

Note:Read the requirements first to know if your PC can handle the game.

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