Tuesday, March 9, 2010

God of War III

God of War has been a big game through the passing years, grater stories is being revealed through the version of the game which is God of War I, II, and III. God of War is violent which is only appropriate for 13+ . Not only violent but also adventurous and action.Comparing to the other versions of the game,God of War III is more violent than the others.God of War III is played through PlayStation 3.

Kratos is the main character of the game,the one that wanted revenge on Olympus, and also the one that you control through the game. He is strong, though, powerful, and skillful. His blade(right)is very powerful that the blades are flaming of power, the blade is also a chain so when it is thrown is will come back as if kratos is holding the chains.

Watch the trailer here.
The editor's score for this game is 9.3(outstanding). Because of the actions, movies, stories, titans and more....

The game is also thrilling because of the big enemies you encounter through the game and also the titans that looked like mountains.

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