Monday, March 15, 2010

Restaurant City

Restaurant City is a game from facebook. It is an online game which is about cooking and management . At first there will be a tutorial for you, you start at a simple restaurant and a little amount of cash, it will also help you become a cooking legend. Why not try restaurant city, and try to become a cooking legend, when you are online every day you will receive bonus ingredients for your recipe at your book.

You can customize your restaurant either outside or inside of your restaurant. Design your restaurant your style and your like. Make a better restaurant than your old cheap and very simple resto(restaurant). Change the appearance of your resto either inside or outside. Buy more stoves(you choose what style you want) to Cook more foods. Buy more chairs and tables to take up as much customer as possible.

Restaurant City is an addicting game so be careful no to be addicted.

There's the random street which you can visit to see other people's resto also you can also be in this street. There's the Gourmet(gourmey) street which you can visit to see the top resto's of the game.

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