Saturday, March 13, 2010


Morrowind is a game that is full of adventure and action, though it's not that violent(you can say that this is no violence). You can customize your character at start, at start you are dreaming in a boat because someone sent you in Morrowind. You can read the game's history by the books around the world of Morrowind.

Buying Items
You can buy items at shops that are scattered around the world in a city or place that are offering gears for you. But you cant steal items from the NPC, if you wanted then you must have your stealing skill at max in order for you to be successful, if not you will be captured by the law of Morrowind.

The Law
If you've done something that the law don't like they will kill or capture you if you have been captured you can choose whether you fight them, pay your bounty or be held in prison. Being held in prison decreases your skills. At first they will run at you and then you choose. If your bounty is too high you will be automatically killed.

Morrowind have been made by Bethesda by over 1 year.
Morrowind is the game of the year of 2002. Because of the world you can explore you can move freely however you like any time any where you decide on what you wanted to do with your character. You can join a guild which will respect you if you have been the master of the guild you joined, also you can make orders to your guild members.

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