Monday, August 29, 2011

Morrowind Mods: Landmass

I will be continuing what I said yesterday of posting mods that I use in Morrowind.

Adventure's End - It adds a house near Ebonheart. View site for more details.

Balmora Vacant Manor - It adds a vacant manor in Balmora(obviously) near the temple, to acquire the manor, you have to solve the riddle given by the riddler inside Eight Plates. Visit site for screenshots.

Deus Ex Machina: A Steampunkyish Mod - It adds a large new land to conquer and to rule, if you want more action, adventure, quests and many more.. this mod is for you. Visit site for screenshots.

Siege at Firemoth(Official) - It adds(like other mods in this post) a land far from Seyda Neen, It only adds a little adventure and action, some thrills too!

I will continue this list tomorrow, as it is not complete.
You can also notice that I posted several Housing mod, choose only one or two or all of them as long as the don't conflict to each other and to other mods.

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