Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Skyrim

My current Skyrim character status.

Level 53
Race: Imperial
Class: Assassin
Favored Weapon: Chillrend, Daedric Dagger(unenchanted) and Nightingale Bow
Main Skills: Sneak, Archery, One Handed and Light Armor
Completed Questline: Thieves guild
Follower: Lydia
Side on the War: Empire
Bought Houses: Breezehome and Proudspire Manor
Thanes: Whiterun and Solitude
Favored Shouts: Unrelenting Force and Marked for Death
Maxed Skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Pickpocket and Illusion
Favored School of Magic: Restoration

I think this is all i can provide, I know i put lousy thins in there like the favored shouts and favored weapons esc....etc... Anyhoo, that's what it wanted to provide(surely i don't have anything long to post here).

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