Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bought School Supplies

Today we bought school supplies for me and my brother. I'm a 4'th year student this school year in Manila, and we're starting School this Wednesday, June 13.

We bought these supplies

8 Notebooks
2 Data Notebooks
2 Packed ball pens
2 pieces of ball pens
2 Pieces of intermediate paper
2 Pieces of 1/4 pad paper
2 pieces of lengthwise paper
2 pieces of crosswise paper
1 piece of wirepin notebook
1 large sized Elmer's glue
1 pack of pencils
1 large plastic cover
1 tape

Buying those supplies costs us 1014 pesos(Philippine currency) which gives us a free utility bag from National Book Store, the bag don't have many pockets which I am expecting, not like their previous free bag that have many pockets. This coming Monday, I'll cover my books and notebooks with the plastic cover and tape.

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