Saturday, June 9, 2012

Intense Ragnarok Online

Lately, i've been playing Intense Ragnarok Online recommended to me by my friend here in the neighborhood. I said "Ok, i will try it out" then he said "i will start you off with these.. and that..."

And  I found out that it is actually fun to play, i mean the very first mmorg in the net... my class is Assassin not knowing what to do and what are the equips of this class, and also i wanted a MVP type of characer and not a PVP type, I liked the games that reaches hours to defeat those very big bosses and after defeating it there will be  very wonderful reward and all that...

So anyway here's the link to their Official site.

Intense Ragnarok Online

There are many version of Ragnarok Online out there but this is what i choose(as this is the one my friend is plying)

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