Thursday, August 29, 2013

IT Week in School

Yup, I'm a participant on the event of our school, 2 in fact; first is the Pc Builder and second is the Amazing Race. First is the Pc Builder which start today, I;ll post something here of what happened after, I just wanted you guys to know that I;m proud to represent something in this event. It's IT week this week, let me explain those two, first is Pc Builder, it's like building your pc, assemble it's parts or disassemble, I don't know, I'll just say what happened. Next is the Amazing Race, this race is about brains, we'll answer some questions which have some thing in riddle I guess, I have a partner and together we'll figure out what those riddles would be, I hope we win in this race, but for now, Keep On Smiling :) or KoS.

Edit: I lost in Pc Builder, my enemieas were faster then I and they got the cables and all that to place and boot up the Pc. I was putting the screw the other way, that consumed my time and eventually lost. To be honest, I don't know where to put the other cables, I didn't handle SATA before and didn't know where to connect those, I just know the old way of connecting hard drives before SATA.

Amazing Race: The amazing race was frustrating, we ran into different places in the school and get the challenge at the station, the questions and challenges were related to programming and mostly interpretation like charades and "Pinoy Henyo. We were team 2 consisting of 4 members, me and my friend are IT's while the other two are IS'. The first station was something about programming but I wasn't able to solve the problem because I forgot some programming from java about 2 years ago while I'm still at high school, self teaching about java. All-in-all we lost but the important thing is that we participated and have fun while doing those challenges, we still receive a prize for participating, it was just a strap for your ID in school labeled "be grater than, accenture" with the greater than symbol at the middle of  the word accenture.

Well' that's all of what I participated at the IT week of our school, I hope you guys have fun in reading this post, and as always, Keep on Smiling :) oh, and I got 2 same straps, with the same design, one from the Pc Builder and the other at the Amazing Race. And again, KoS :)

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