Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello guys, If you know, I posted this at 1:40 AM. I would just like to share something with you guys, at some point in my life, I would like to be a vampire, really, I was just thinking what I would be if I'm a real vampire. You know, always wears formal attires and hates the sun and evades it and those guys have pale skins and all those. I'm trying to be one by having one of their personalities, like I like wearing formal clothes always as I'm always wearing polo when I'll be having along day at the school or when I'm having a long day outside of home and, one more thing is that I love the night, I love the way the night embraces our home, as the night comes, I become stealthy at times when I'm just walking around the corner, making no noise and being unnoticed, all that stuff I love to do. Oh and one more thing, my character in games are also vampires, like in the first series of The Elderscrolls Games, my character in Morrowind is a vampire, also in Oblivion and my upcoming character in Skyrim will be a vampire, as vampires acquire a bonus skill in sneaking and more undetected when you're a vampire. Concerning about biting necks, I would feed on the blood of the outlaws, and when I'm walking around that corner, I'm always thinking of jumping into the roofs of the houses and have a view of what's going on in out neighborhood and explore the area, walk around with strangers and get to know what their intentions are if it's bad, I will be like a night watch, looking at citizens and having to have these super hearing senses and having this super eye power that lets you have a night vision. I always think of those things when night strikes. And when I'm alone and it's night, I like doing this thing called "true form" letting my vampire look out and getting rid of the human form out for a while as I'm having a hard time maintaining my human form, giving the true form make me stronger and gives me the true strength of a vampire. Masking your true form makes you weak as you sustain it. I do sleeping at day time as vampires hates the day because they're weakened by the sun, they sleep at day time so they can skip the time and when they wake up, it's close to night and get to do their stuff. I do things at night because my brain's more active at that time, I also sleep at day because I'm always awake at nighttime. So yeah, I'm similar to a vampire but I'm not one, as I'm a good vampire and never wanted to be a neck biter, even if the victim is a bad person, we never have the privilege to kill a person even if it is an outlaw. I don't know what are the disadvantages of a vampire is, except for being weak at the sun and getting 100% weakness to fire, and also blood crazy when you're out too much without feeding. So, that's what I just wanted to share with you guys, vampire? I'm similar to one :) so anyway, thats all for today and don't forget, as always, Keep On Smiling or KoS :)

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