Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm Writing A Novel

I just want to let you guys know that I'm writing a novel titled "Elsweyr". I know that I'm using the Elderscrolls name but, I have references and made links at the end of every chapter. I'll just copy-paste the contents of the introduction page of the novel. I'm not doing any copyright violation right? I used reference for the name and just an inspiration for the series.

lsweyr is an adventure novel about a vampire named Mai`q who is an assassin from birth and was raised to kill people. A place named Elsweyr is where a life changing event takes place which forces him to change the direction of his life. Read through how an innocent child become a ruthless assassin doing only what he is raised for and what he knows of.

Elsweyr is a place of desert where the sun rises above all and shadows are very scarce. The people living there are called Khajiit, they are cat-like people who stand on two feet and are known for their cat-like abilities such as stealth and robbery, they are also known to be good traders around the world and they are scattered to find good deals and trades to their wares from different continents.

            Another character who plays a crucial part in this novel is Isran, a person of religion and a patron of the anti-demons group known as Demonologists. Living on the capital of Elsweyr, doing his job of searching daemonic activities in the vicinity of the country and repelling provoked or war-seeking people by using his religious insights. He’s a known man in the country and he is one of the respected commoners of Elsweyr, though he prefers to be just a simple man, living a simple life, protecting people and preventing war and conflict. One night, Mai`q searches for blood and he stumbled on the house of Isran then he tried to repel Mai`q using his knowledge of daemonic entities and creratures. By this meeting, Mai`q never knew what was to become of him in the future.

            A novel of adventure, darkness, and forgiveness of life for what have been done and what can be done. An un-ordinary vampire story of assassination and repentance of soul from the early threats of the world in the hands of evil. An abandonment of a born child and the resurrection of human life and soul to an undead living body.

And for the references:
*Thanks to Wikia for the references.

Well, what do you think of the introduction? Does it make you wanna read it? Or will the novel be left in the dark? What suggestions do you think that will make the introduction better and catchy? Let me know your comments and suggestions please, I'm just new to this writing thing. As always Keep on Smiling :)

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