Saturday, April 26, 2014

High School Life

I just wanted to share my recent high school life. It was great but, it's impossible that every person don't have a problem in their life. First thing is my Freshmen days, it was the first time in high school and I was like "I wanted to be a topnotcher!" but I never got good in my grades. I was just your regular student that don't want to fail my subjects and also have a good time with friends. So, 1 year passed then on to the Sophomore years.

On the sophomore years, I had a great section with me. A section that is full of fun and also emotions. It was the year that everything just got heavier. My body, the world, emotions(that explains puberty) and any other manly things. I was teased alot because of my appearance you know, very slim, bony and stuff, and also they think that I am a nerd, you know, the ones that always loved science and math and any other things complicated, I'm not that person, I also love to hang out with my friends, talk to them and I never get to be popular around the school even though that I have been studying there ever since I first started my career in academics. So, 1 year passed then Junior years was born into my life.

On my days as a Junior, I was like "Hey, I'm the new me!" because I liked to change since I'm nearing the real world you know, going into long rides, trouble with traffics, late into college hours, Saturday classes and many more that life has to offer. Anyway, I got new friends and then the whole junior students knew that I had a crush on that girl, seriously. I tried to maintain my standard student role of not getting failing grades since they said that junior years is the hardest part of the high school life. This also the year that I first played the game Heroes of Newerth, my friend is telling me to play the game and I was like, "Not in a million years!", he was like begging me everyday to play the game then one day, a thought goes through my "Trying wouldn't hurt". Then the day forth, I was an avid Heroes of Newerth player. So, 1 year passed and finally, Senior years and I ran into each other, bumped in the middle of the road(not noticing that it was there) and we met each other.

And the last years of my high school life began. I was like "Hahaha I know every corner of this school, it's weakness and strong points!". First thing that I wanted to mention is my damn emotions keep begging me to woo this girl until that day that finally came. It was my first love and I had a great time with her. She is a dancer and I was like paralyzed when she dances. We only last for 2 months but I was worth it, it taught me how to do stuff better then before and I was able to talk to other people more. After that great breakup(I said great because it was also my first) my friends was helping me to shove all of the emotions and move on in life. We hang out always in their houses and we always laughed also we talked about our love lives and many more. No great friend never come into no problems with each other, we had to find a solution to our problems in our group or else, we'll be separated from each other which we don't like. We were called "One direction" back then because we were 5 but, 1 was just a cut in. When it's just the 4 of us we call ourselves "F4". I had great friends back then. Going out into the night, going home late because a night with your friends. Yeah, it was all good in those years. My academics were still standards despite all of the outings me and my friends had, trying to not get a failing grade. Then suddenly, Senior got shot in he head by Graduation that had to end all of those years. "In memory of Senior" stated in the tombstone.

One word that I'm going through now, College. You know the shots, everything's here the good and evil doings, the influencing people neither moral or wrong. Well, I need to continue my homework now, this post just goes through my mind just to free my brain from work and relieve stress for a while, and it was worth it. You know the closing remarks, KoS or Keep on Smiling :)

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