Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where Do I Get My Resources?

Some of you may be wondering where I get these things and tips. I get these from Google mostly. I look first at the address of the website to see if it is reliable and secure site for no viruses. Speaking of viruses, my next Technology tip will be about Security :)

Some of the things that I still don't know and just saw it and I was like, "Oh, why didn't I ever wonder what this is. Maybe it's something interesting". And when the video ends, I was like "Why didn't I researched for that before, this is very useful information in a shot time." Speaking of videos, Linus Tech Tips my best resource of information. Mostly from his educational "As Fast As Possible" educational videos which is, what I said earlier, "very useful information in  a very short time". He explains complicated things in a simple way. Please check his Youtube channel and make sure to give me a shout-out for referring you to him from my blog :)

How do i get to know his channel?
I first knew his channel when I was searching for evidence of the liquid screen protector. The "nano technology" things that is said to be stronger than a regular screen protector. Then I searched Youtube for the evidence then I get a few results. I looked at the title first before I watch the video to know that it is that things that I'm searching for. Then I saw his video, after the video, I looked at the comments. People were like saying technology things to be reviewed and I was like "Hmmmm, this is interesting comments". Then I took a look at this channel and BOOM! Linus Tech Tips.

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