Sunday, August 24, 2014

Technology Tip # 3: Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries is the same as the previous post about batteries but, there's an exception. Some people like it playing/using their laptops without the battery and with plugged in ac. What we'll discuss in this post is how will it affect the laptop, it's positive and negative, and my opinion.

If you want to use your laptop without its batteries:
Full laptop power - set your power options to maximum performance.
No worries for battery care - you remember what I talked about when the battery is near full capacity?
Much less weight - Yeah, batteries is one of the most heaviest components of your laptop.

Possible power interruption - power from your house may be interrupted and your laptop will turn off
Possible that the laptop will receive high or low voltage input - the adapter at the laptop's AC will regulate the power voltages that comes to your laptop however, chances are that the adapter will fail and Electro-Static Discharge will happen in your laptop.

If you want to use your laptop with batteries attached:
Mobile mode
No power interruptions
No high or low voltage input - because the battery is fitted with circuitry inside, it is sure that the voltages that the laptop receives is regulated. The voltage will first go through the battery, then that battery will regulate the voltage, then into the laptop.

Always out of power - you get the idea
Laptop at its full weight w/ batteries -yeah, weight and more weight
Battery care applies - because you always have monitor the battery level, its sometimes frustrating

So, what do I choose you ask? I choose the w/ battery one. Why?
- Because it's much safer when you use your laptop and just charging it is how it was designed. It's not designed to use the AC adapter only. On the other hand, when I'm charging, I always take a look at my battery level. I always plug out the charger when my battery level reaches around 90% - 95%. I know it's frustrating but, it's better than getting your laptop damaged.

Correct usage of the charger
- The correct way of using the charger is to plug in the outlet first. Why? Because when you plugged in the laptop connector already, chances are, the electrons will charge to the cord and then straight to your laptop. When this happens, the voltage that the laptop receives will not be regulated.

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