Thursday, June 4, 2015

Online Games vs Offline Games

As a life of being a gamer, I have addressed the difference between online and offline games. Both are great games and each have advantages and disadvantages over the other. I assume that if you're a gamer, you have already played online and offline games as offline is limited to LAN games. Playing with your friends with LAN games and letting them know of what are you doing with your offline games. So, with no further ado, let's define the differences of one after the another. And if not differences, then at least my outlook of them.

Note: These are my opinions. I have no intention of offending people who are favoring one over the other.

Online Games:
- Usually competitive
- Have a very large world to explore (MMORPG type)
- Have fun with other people around
- Depend on your teammates
- Can be a bit stressful and raging
- They have pros and noobs
- Players can either be helpful or annoying
- Usually engaging if competitive playing

Offline Games:
- Mostly story engaged
- Items don't matter that much
- Story options matter
- No stress if you don't stress it
- No commentator if you are doing good or bad
- Mostly self learned
- More variant than offline


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