Thursday, May 12, 2016

Brain Training App and Website (Lumosity)

Lumosity is a brain training application for smartphones, and website for computers. It is mainly used to, as said previously, train the brain. You might be wondering, why train the brain? As we cannot defy the laws of physics, that everything ages, it also affects our minds. But this have a different effect on our minds. We already know that when we don't use our minds' capabilities that much, it will degrade. Sooner or later we will develop cognitive deficit/s.

Our brain have this property/capability called neuroplasticity. If we challenge our brain everyday, as what Lumosity does, the aging effect will be greatly slowed down and it gives our brain more capability to handle different life challenges, events, decisions and other aspects of life.

Yes, I'm using this app and website to train my brain. You're probably wondering why would I use Lumosity. Well, in my childhood, my brother wanted me to play a brain training game in the computer. He installed a game, which I can't remember, and we played it. From that point I have this very faint interest of playing it. I didn't play it everyday because at first, I didn't like it. But as we're forced to play it, I gained some very little interest out of it. And at some point in time, he uninstalled it. And my interest carried on until today.

You can create a new account or use your Facebook account to create an account. I'm currently using the free version because I couldn't afford the premium. Their premium offers subscription for a lifetime, two years, yearly, and monthly.

Using a free account in the website, you can only play 3 games a day. But in the smartphone application, you can play games until you can't play anymore. But there's a catch, you can only play games that are unlocked for that day. Other games are locked unless you purchased a premium account.

If you wanted to learn more of what Lumosity is, visit their website: Lumosity

My Experience

I've been using Lumosity for about 6 months now if I can remember that right(talk about brain training). At first, it was hard, very hard in fact. I got low scores in games and my response was very slow. I didn't play it everyday as I don't remember to play it everyday even though I have its icon on my smartphone's laucher. But as I play it, things gets easier overtime. I got higher scores, beating my previous high score and response was faster. There is a breakdown of how are you performing and also, there's a history chart that summarizes your overall performance daily. Though the history chart is only limited to the last 4 weeks for free accounts, I can see my progress going up. I remembered I have an LPI(Lumosity Performance Index), your overall performance, of around 1550 the first week I used Lumosity. Then it went up from 1550 to 1650 to 1720 today! That's a big difference!

You might be wondering, "the games gets easier because you've been playing it over and over again". But that's were you're wrong. The games gets harder as you progress and get higher scores. Giving new challenges until you stumble on a level where it is very hard, you can't level up in the game! Because that's my current situation haha!

But still, my LPI is increasing despite the hard games I'm facing. And it also decreases because sometimes, I'm not performing well.

Why don't you try Lumosity today? There's nothing to lose here after all, and it's for the better of you and your mind!

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