Friday, June 17, 2016

Technology Tip # 8 (Follow-up on # 7): Getting Drowsy zZzZ

Of course, there are times where we can't stop using our devices. And sometimes, those times fall when we're about to sleep. But on this post according, to my knowledge, there's a program in the computer that lowers blue rays that the monitor emits. When we're talking about smartphones, specifically Android, I know an app that can do just the same. But first, we're talking about the computer program. And also some apps on mobile devices to help you sleep at night. Now you and your device are sleeping buddies!


This computer program, as was discussed earlier, lowers the blue rays your monitor emits. I don't know exactly how it does it but from my experience, it makes the color orange more dominant than others. Which actually makes sense because blue colors or rays are significantly lower. I can't exactly show the difference because screenshots are not affected by the program. But if you wanted to see comparisons, go the the f.lux website. The color of the background compared to a white colored background is the difference. But you can further the orange color if you wanted to. Configurable at the program's settings after installing. You can set how low you want the blue rays to be, would it only be subtle or you want it to be almost incandescent, or simulate the color of a candle it's your choice! f.lux also uses location to lower the blue rays when the sun sets. It does it automatically for you! But you have to set your location first for the automatic function to work.


This Android app also does what f.lux and other similar programs/apps does. It lowers the blue rays your android device/s emits. But this app is more customizable; You can set the color the screen will change into. Three sliders as per usual, red, green and blue. for example green or blue. You can also set how saturated the color is, will it be pure green or a combination of both, it's your combination! A word of caution though, CF.Lumen requires a rooted device. If you don't want your device rooted, you can download other apps in the Play Store that also does the same. But this app is the most customizable one that I have used. It requires root access because it will automatically change the colors when the sun sets. The same as f.lux.


Another mobile app that actually helps you sleep and/or take a nap at the middle of the day. If you wanted to snatch some minutes from your work to take a nap, then this app is for you! Seriously talking, Pzizz will help you fall asleep, or at least take a nap when you have the (proper) time. It uses relaxing music, binaural beats to entertain your brain wave, some instrumental sounds at the background, and truly relaxing nature sounds like chirps of bids and waves at the beach. All of these and more can be viewed in detail at their website. Although there are other apps that also have the features of Pzizz, this is the most effective that I have used.
Want to know what binaural beats and/or to know more of it? You can visit this website about binaural beats, monaural tones, and isochronic tones. All of them three are similar but they have different effects, and people prefer one rather than the other.

Anyway, speaking of brainwave signals and beats, These are the things that helps me get drowsy and actually help me sleep better. I hope these tips also helps you get drowsy and have better sleep. One more tip before I end this post, "Quality sleep is better then quantity sleep". More on how to sleep better and not longer in my next post!

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