Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In This Season of ...

Every Christian knows that God gave them a season for their current state in life. They may be college students, pursuing their degree, professionals starting their career, or parents taking care of their children, guiding them throughout their life. Whatever season you're in, each one have its own struggles. But every struggle have an end, like a season, it has an end.

I would like to share this amazing experience that God always gives me whenever I'm with my spiritual brothers and sisters, specially when we have an outing or bonding. Currently, I'm a college student, pursuing BSIT; In a season where college students usually are.

Love is one important part of our life, and it's present in every season...

Love of friends, love of neighbors, love of family, love of God, etc. But some of us wanted romantic love. In our generation today (at least in my age), most teenagers wanted it, love life or romantic love. Personally, I also wanted to have one but, there's something more important than that, God. He made me realize that I don't need that in my current season as I'm already full of love. A love that overflows, satiating my want for a love life. Love from my family, love from my friends, and specially, love of God.

Walking to Timezone
The above photo is my spiritual brothers and sisters. The moment we're walking in a mall to Timezone, God made me realize something. I don't need love life right now, I already have the love of my friends! I took a picture for the memories, and as a reminder that in this season, I don't need love life. This is what I need, the love of my friends! And it satiates my want for a love life.

Romantic love will wait for itself. It has a season, and for my current season, it's in the season of waiting. After all, it will not go away, nandyan lang naman siya sa school eh :). Time will come when the season of waiting is at an end, and the season of courtship will come at God's time. All glory to Him!

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