Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why do I... Play Hearthstone?

Hello my readers! I have decided to make a new series of posts. This series I will call Why Do I... This series will be talking about my opinions or preferences on why I do this and do that, hence the title of the series. For today I would like to post on Why Do I Play Hearthstone? As you all know, Hearthstone is a card game. You can learn more about Hearthstone from its official website.

I play Hearthstone because...

 Hearthstone is a simple yet very entertaining game. As they say, it is a thinking man's game. The diversity of every deck is very versatile and making your own deck can be very complex. The combination of cards across the whole game, the way how you handle the situation on the board, how will you use your turn with the current cards in your hand.
My first screenshot

I like the way that you have to think how will you turn the game to your favor by using the minimal amount of mana in a single turn. Well, not usually turn the "whole game" to your favor because it always depends on the deck you are playing. Also, it's using what you have in the most efficient and minimal way of using resources. Much like in real life, you have to use what you have in the most efficient and most minimal way for the best possible outcome. Playing decision making, turn-based games, such as Hearthstone, might improve my decision making skills. Other than the game's nature of making you think every turn, you also have to read the enemy's every turn, hand, and how he/she reacts to the minions you have placed on the board. Making more precise predictions based on the enemy's actions. That way, you have an idea of what is in their hand, and what will they do on their next turn.
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If you anticipate what will happen, then you will do what is appropriate. Much like in life, if you know what will happen, then your reaction will eventually be the most appropriate for it. Another thing that I liked about Hearthstone is the game's design and interface. It it is made to be a little less serious compared to other card games. You know what I mean right? Anyway, this game is one of many ways on how will I relax after a hard day's work. Thinking to me is not that tiring and it makes me engaged. And it also gives you time to think on your turn. I don't personally get relaxed on RTS games that's why I gave up playing Dota 2 or HoN. Although I still play them when I play with my friends.

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