Friday, September 20, 2013

A Little Message For My Friends

I'll be typing here a message for my friends that got "something" with each other.

          Hi there, both of them confessed something to me this last Saturday. I know that those words will mark something in me but I'm always marked like that. I get used to it, there's no harm in it. I just wanted to say to the guy, "Turuan mo siya kung anong ibg sabihin ng Love, diba naguguluhan siya doon? Ayan, I-define mo sa kanya. Nag tanong siya, sagutin mo ng maayos" that's in Pilipino language. And for the woman "There's your answer, all you have to do is  understand what it is and do what it tells you. That's the answer you received of all answers that may answer your question."

That's what I wanted to tell them, but I just wanted to share them with you guys. Anyways, I just have to get myself rid of the past and my current feelings. That's what you're searching for, a similarity to your personalities, well, you've just hit the jackpot, go embrace it! I don't care of who I choose, that important thing is that the woman loves me. Whatever her personality is, Love can change everything, that's why I disregard that "desire" for a partner.

Oh and another thing. I do support you guys however, I don't like to see you both together, it makes me huff and gives me a bad mood for about an hour or two. So, If I see you both together, might as well activate my Assassin mode, stealth is my middle initial, and I intend to use it when I wanted to, you won't see me leave, and no one's concerned of where I have gone to.

Please, if you wanted to show this to her, do so, I can't express these verbally so I'll just do it by writing or typing here in this blog. If you wanted to confront me, do so but without her, excuse my catholic views but, we're different religions. I look at things my religious way and you look at things your way, we have different  perceptions and views. And if after the confrontation you'll speak to her, please do it after classes, and one last request, please define to her what love is. Take care of her and love her as how you loved yourself, protect her and always ask for her condition, you'll never know if she's saying the truth.

And no, I can't say KoS at this post, this is an emotional post, no jokes this time(although I just told one).

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