Wednesday, November 6, 2013



It's what I have been collecting recently, I've been buying expensive and beautiful pens lately. It started when I started my college life, it started with a Black DONG-A myGel 0.4, that pen last me about ona and a half term, the next pen is Red Pilot something... I forgot the name so i just put there something... I lost the pen and it last me about one and a half terms also. Next pen was the Black Pilot V-RT 0.5, that last me one term only, I still have this pen with me. Another pen that was bought is the Black Pilot G-2 0.5, this pen is the most outstanding of the pens that I bought, giving that "precise" scratch at the paper that makes my writing better than before. The most recent pen that I bought is the Black uni-ball Jetstream 1.0, this pen is also outstanding but it doesn't give my desired "scratch" to the paper. Oh! I forgot the Red DONG-A myGel 0.5, in replacement for the last lost red pen o' mine.

Believe it or not, I use all these pen,except for the Pilot V-RT 0.5 and myGel 0.4, when I write, I use the other that suits "this" kind of paper and the other pen for "this" kind of paper, certain pens write better at certain papers' texture and quality. I write by cursive, I think that the G-2 is still better but I also think that it's in level with Jetstream, the only difference is the "scratch" to the paper and the thickness of the ink. Also, G-2 have a deeper color than Jetstream because Jetstream is a ballpoint peb while G-2 is a gel pen.

Oh and the last thing I remember is the marker is there when I doodle, i use the ultra fine tip for drawing "careful detail" at the doodle and the fine tip for shading. It's a Black Sharpie Fine/Ultra Fine Tips.

Here's a picture of the set of pen that I use at school:
From left to right:
Red DONG-A mtGel 0.5, Black uni-ball Jetstream 1.0, Black Sharpie Fine/Ultra Fine Tips,
 Black Pilot G-2 0.5, Black DONG-A myGel 0.4

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