Friday, September 13, 2013

Formatting this Laptop? Or, a New Laptop

How about that? If i formatted this laptop, then I don't know if father will be angry at me bacause I still don't know if this laptop is fully mine or he's just letting it for us to burrow because of the school works online.

Other than formatting this laptop I need a new laptop, a better now, other than the purpose of gaming of course, I need a laptop because there will be one day that me and my brother will use the same laptop and we'll suffer the consequences either me or my brother. By the way if you're wandering why I need a laptop for my school it's because I'm an IT student, a laptop is required for IT students and my brother is studying Geologist, which he also needed laptop for the presentations and all that.

Other than those school activities, I also need a laptop to sate my gaming urges, especially if I haven't been playin' a while.You know, Skyrim, HoN, Oblivion, and other games that I always play and other incoming games that will be released any sooner. I won't be guessing that my father will buy me a  new laptop because he's very strict regarding money spending, he won't just give money by just "give me money because...." that. But I guess he'll buy one but not any sooner. Anyways I will be posting here again, just wait and there will be surprises or not? Just Keep On Smiling or KoS :)

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