Monday, February 24, 2014

Accidents Happen

Recently, there has been an accident to me. My right hand got Lacerated! You know what lacerate is? Lacerate is the medical term for "cut" on the skin. The part was the right hand near the pinkie finger at the bending point of the palm at the end, if you know what I mean. I made the necessary first-aid procedures, then off to school I go. After a while, my wound bled again, I arrived at school then I go straight to the clinic to change the bandage. The Doctor said that I needed a suture for the wound to close properly. I got excused of all my class that day and I called my brother to help me with the suture and costs. We got to The Medical City, fist I was x-ray'd to see if there was still a substance left inside then, I got sutured. The Doctor said that there was nothing there in my hand that got inside, that was a big relief. After a week or so, I got my suture removed at the school clinic only to find that the wound did not close. I got advice and procedures from the school Doctor of how will it be and when will it close or will it close? When the wound did not close, then another painful suture is at hand but thank God, the wound closed after a week taking care of my right hand. "The wound did not close because your hand is always closed, making the skin contact yes, but when the suture is removed it will be painful if you strech out your hand" said the doctor. Wondering how I got lacerated? Well, it was when I was washing the dishes and when I'm trying to get the glass back to it's container, my hand slipped the glass then I tried to catch it with my right hand but the glass already broke then my right hand followed...... you get the rest. Anyway, my right hand is healing now and I have no problem regarding the hand. And as always, Keep on Smiling :)

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